Breathe Freely – Preventing Occupational Lung Disease in the Construction Industry

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

t’s no secret that construction workers are at high risk of contracting lung disease from the work that they do. In 2015, approximately 3,500 will die from occupational cancer caused by past exposure to asbestos, another 500 will die from exposure to silica dust and in addition, 5,500 new cases of occupational cancer will be reported. Furthermore, today alone, an unknown but significant number will breathe in the hazardous substances that may eventually lead to serious ill health and may even be fatal.What is less well known is that there’s a solution: most of these industrial diseases can be prevented – by recognising the real hazards, evaluating the risks of being exposed to them, and then effectively controlling those exposures.  

BOHS is working in partnership with the HSE, Mace, Land Securities and Constructing Better Health, with sponsorship from Speedy Services, on ‘Breathe Freely’. This is a collaborative initiative which is providing free information, resources and signposting to the advice and expertise we know is needed to help raise standards and keep them high.

What will you get from attending?  

You will hear from speakers from BOHS and industry who will enlighten you on:  

  • The scale of the problem – and who’s at risk      
  • An overview of the main hazards, how to identify them and importantly, how they should be controlled      
  • Practical advice and tools to take away and use in the workplace to help improve standards in how worker health is being protected
  • Information about good practice and case studies from across the sector 
  • An overview of the related disciplines of occupational hygiene, occupational health and wellbeing – how they can/should fit together

Cost: This event is free to attend. Places are limited so book your place as soon as possible and tell colleagues you think might be interested too!  

Date : Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time : 8.30 am to 11.00 am

Location : Haydock park , Holiday inn

For mpre information and registration click here