Health and safety has become the subject of public ridicule because of over zealous local officials using it as an excuse, according to an historian.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

I came across this article written by Dr Mike Esbester who opened by stating making children wear safety goggles to play conkers or banning sack races are “nothing to do with” health and safety, and are giving the regulations that do exist a bad name.True or false ? I m sure we all have an opinion on that one.

Dr Esbester, who has researched health and safety’s 100-year history, argued that healh and safety has only “gone mad” in people’s perceptions, rather than in the rules.

He said: "Now we see officials blaming things on health and safety that in fact have nothing to do with it.

"Things like making children wear safety goggles to play conkers or taking hanging baskets down in case they fall and hit someone are good examples."

The University of Portsmouth professor added that the Health and Safety Executive have even been forced to introduce a ‘Mybthbusters’ helpline.

“You could call them in to investigate a 'health and safety' ban and they'd find out if it was accurate”, Dr Esbester added.

"The problem seems to be about perception, of 'health and safety gone mad'.

"Unfortunately there is this view of health and safety as a bogeyman today and it's largely unjustified."

You can read his full report by following this link or visit the HSE myth busters site here  for some entertaining reading and more discussion on this topic