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Saturday, March 01, 2014

** Are You Displaying the Correct Version of the Health & Safety Law Poster?
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) first introduced the Health &
Safety Law Poster and leaflet in 1999. Under the Health and Safety
information for Employees Regulations (HSIER) employers are
required to either display the poster in a prominent location or
provide each employee with the leaflet.

In 2009, the HSE introduced an updated, simpler version of the
Health & Safety Law Poster. In order to minimise the impact on
organisations the HSE provided a five year transition period
meaning that employers had until 5th April 2014 to replace the
poster or leaflets with the new version.

It is a legal requirement to display this new version from the 5th April.

Old Poster....................New Poster

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Noise induced hearing loss is irreversible damage to the ears caused by exposure to high levels of noise.
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 require employers to provide health surveillance for workers who are regularly exposed to noise above the upper exposure action value of 85 dB(A).
One of the misconceptions is that people are safe because they have been provided with ear defenders of ear plugs,the problem is are they being worn or fitted correctly and are they being inspected (ear defenders) for damage ?
An ear plug offering a laboratory tested protection factor (SNR) of 29 decibels may only be providing the wearer with 20%,30% 50% of that and therefore irreversible damage to their hearing is being done.
Training in the use of the PPE provided can help to reduce this risk as can fit testing of the individual in the work place.
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