Friday, September 04, 2015

We are pleased to introduce a new and unique service to you. As experts, we now provide independent and holistical support on safety footwear including wearer fatigue. We call it our SAFE system:

SAVINGS Save money, time and frustrations. Purchase longer lasting, fit for purpose safety footwear.
ASSURANCE Increase comfort and improve staff morale. We’ll tell you why we’ve made the recommendation, how it works and the key features and benefits  
FUNDAMENTALS Comply with Health and Safety requirements by offering the appropriate level of protection to your staff .Mitigate risks, reduce lost time and solve problems. 
EASE   For your peace of mind to ensure compliance, best practice, due diligence and product suitability.Make collaborative decisions based on direct wearer feedback and multiple priorities.
For further information or to arrange a site audit please call us today on telephone 01254 271549

Your feet bear the brunt of your daily working life

Every year, 2 million sick days are lost due to lower limb disorders, and many of these sick days could be prevented by simply: • wearing the right footwear for the job; • following an appropriate daily foot care programme.


Work related foot problems

We all know that regular maintenance and a yearly MOT is vital to keep a car running smoothly, yet most of us overlook how important it is to care for our feet. Hidden away in shoes, we don’t give them much thought. Standing for long periods may cause pain or discomfort to the feet, ankles, knees and hips, as well as to the back and neck. Also, standing for long periods in unsuitable footwear may exacerbate any underlying problem you may have with your joints, increasing the rate at which arthritic changes take place. 


Accidents at work In an at-risk environment, unprotected feet are at risk from accident and injury such as puncture wounds, crushing and laceration, sprained ankles, chemical burns, fractures

For more information click here to "A practical guide to looking after your feet at work"