The risk posed by electricity on the rail network is made clear by Network Rail’s Life Saving Rules

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three rules deal specifically with electricity:

1 Never assume equipment is
isolated - always test before touch,

2 Always test before applying earths or

3 Always be sure the required plans and permits are in place before
you start a job or go on, or near, the line.

The consequences of not following these steps when working around 25 kV
overhead lines is obvious. But even when all the rules are followed, accidents
can occur. Equipment failure is another real risk.

The majority of orange fire resistance (FR) workwear being used on the rail
network today does not comply with the relevant high visibility standard,
even though they include silver reflective tape in the EN configuration. Most
flat orange garments are manufactured using an FR treatment, which is not
permanent, meaning the wearer has no way of knowing how flame retardant
their clothing continues to be.

Two new products

 Combat Coverall and Combat Trouser are flame retardant, antistatic
and electric arc protective. But unlike many other brands, wearers can
be confident that Pulsarail clothing will always protect them from potential
workplace hazards.
Using a patented Protex multi-fibre blend - Protal 5, the range has a 16 Cal/
cm2 ATPV rating, virtually double the performance of the next market-leading
fabric. Combined with the Xcelcius Electric Arc Base Layers, the level of
protection increases to 42.6 Cal/cm2.
Some of the benefits of Protal 5 include excellent breathability and wicking
properties, as well as an enhanced electric arc performance because of its
ability to shed the metal electrodes from an arc blast. When welding, it sheds
sparks and molten metal, extending the life expectancy of the coverall.

The Xcelcius Electric Arc Base Layers are manufactured from a knitted Protal
- blend and comply with EN11612
(FR), EN1149 (AST) and IEC61482 (Arc) standards. Both top and bottoms
have a 9.2 Cal/cm2 ATPV rating. When worn in conjunction with the doublelayer
balaclava, it ensures maximum next-to-skin protection. All styles
incorporate red contrast FR thread and are presented in a sporty design for

optimum fit and comfort.

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