Working at height - Still a killer

Friday, August 12, 2016

We still see preventable accidents occuring in the work place which result in serious injury or a fatality.....

If you are working at height (e.g. on a roof, a scaffold or just off your mates back), using a fall arrest system is essential to minimise the risk of injury or worse.Fall arrest systems are a collection of equipment conforming to the required standards ,used in conjunction with each other to ensure the safety of a worker.A simple way to remember the core components are ABCD
A=Anchorage to a secure point of attachment for the fall arrest system
B=Body support where a full body harness will provide a connection point for the worker to the fall arrest system
C=Connectors used to connect the full body harness to the anchorage point - this could be a lanyard or self-retracting life line.
D=Decent or rescue of a fallen worker

We aim to supply a fall arrest system for every budget - whether you need a cost-effective means of keeping yourself safe or a heavy-duty winch/block from the very highest end of the market.
We can provide advise in helping you select the appropriate system for your job